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LOTUS TAROT: The complete history of Tarot Cards remains a mystery, however. There is just not enough documentation. Because of this, one can assume that the cards were popular with the peasant culture and similar economic classes (maybe in France it moved up to the Aristocrats). Regardless, the notion that the cards were invented during the Renaissance has pleased most.

Based on research, common sense, speculation, and a little creativity, we think that the cards originated in Greece, long before they were found in Italy. The imagery and mentality behind the cards seems to be consistent with the advanced, progressive thought that existed in ancient Greece.

Be aware: do you believe in angels?

The Wheel of Fortune depict all four angels in the corners of these cards. That's Raphael in the upper left, Gabriel is the eagle, Michael is the lion and Uriel is on the lower left. When these cards show up in a reading and the angels capture your attention, know there is a special message from that angel in regards to the issue at hand. Also know that something, somewhere, somehow is being done at that moment to help that situation.

The angels have taken note and are working on it. Isn't that comforting? If you believe in angels it could be true!

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